About me

I am an atmospheric scientist with a focus on stratospheric dynamics, stratospheric chemistry, and climate science. I am an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences working with Professor Ed Gerber at New York University. My work revisits mechanistic explanations for complex results through the analysis of paradigmatic models.

During my post-doc, I have been analyzing the ozone response to global warming. Prevailing explanations of ozone reductions in the tropical lower stratosphere under global warming focus on the role of strengthening upwelling. Yet, by coupling together Chapman photochemistry with a leaky tropical pipe and a zero-ozone tropopause condition, we show that the ozone reductions are also driven at leading order by tropospheric expansion.

My Ph.D. is in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences from Princeton University advised by Stephan Fueglistaler, where we revisited why the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation vanishes below 70 hPa. The accepted interpretation of the classical QBO model was found to rely on circular reasoning concerning the lower boundary condition. Breaking the circularity revealed that the QBO in the lowermost stratosphere is damped by lateral momentum exchange.

I perform climate outreach with colleagues through Climate Up Close.


February 2024: Presented “Explaining ozone layer structure and self-healing” at NASA GISS Lunch Seminar Series. Thanks to Clara Orbe and Maggie DeLessio for hosting my visit. | Recording on Youtube

January 2024: Co-led an informal workshop at Princeton University, “Extreme Event Attribution: A critical review” with Ben Schaffer.

January 2024: New pre-print posted: “Beyond self-healing: Stabilizing and destabilizing photochemical adjustment of the ozone layer”. Feedback and comments welcome.

January 2024: Presented “Beyond self-healing: Stabilizing and destabilizing photochemical adjustment of the ozone layer” to the Princeton AOS Dynamics Seminar.

April 2023: Presented “Understanding the stratospheric ozone response to global warming” at the 2023 EGU General Assembly session on Dynamics and Chemistry of the Upper Troposphere and Lower Stratosphere.

April 2023: Presented “Simple models of stratospheric ozone photochemistry” while visiting several institutions around Europe, with many thanks to my hosts at each stop: University of Reading (Keith Shine), Cambridge University (Alison Ming), Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (Hauke Schmidt), Free University of Berlin (Stephan Pfahl), and Institute of Atmospheric Physics and the University of Munich (Thomas Birner and Hella Garny).

March 2023: Commenced a five-week academic tour around Europe by participating in the QBO workshop at Oxford. Gave a talk on the buffer zone of the QBO and its sensitivity to global warming. Thanks to the organizers for a splendid workshop!

February 2023: Presented “Revisiting simple models of ozone photochemistry: structure, self-healing, and sensitivity to global warming” at Harvard ClimaTea. Thanks to Stephen Bourguet for organizing the visit.

December 2022: Presented a talk at the AGU Fall Meeting entitled “Revisiting the ozone response to global warming” in the session on Stratospheric and Tropospheric Composition Changes: Observations and Modeling of Special Events, Feedback Mechanisms, and Long-Term Trends.

November 2022: Presented at the Columbia University SEAS Colloquium in Climate Science: “Understanding how stratospheric ozone responds to global warming”. Thanks to Simon Lee and Lorenzo Polvani for helping arrange the visit.

November 2022: Visited Professor Peter Hitchcock and numerous undergraduate mentors at the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences department at Cornell University, where I presented recent work: “Understanding how stratospheric ozone responds to global warming”.

October 2022: Presented a poster, “Understanding the stratospheric ozone response to global warming”, at the SPARC General Assembly (Boulder hub).

September 2022: First paper from my postdoc is out: Match, A., E.P. Gerber, 2022: Tropospheric expansion under global warming reduces tropical lower stratospheric ozone. Geophysical Research Letters. 49, 19, 1-12. doi

August 2022: Presented “Ozone at Spectroclim: Why does ozone have an interior maximum? How does ozone respond to global warming?” at From Spectroscopy to Climate hosted by the Princeton University Center for Theoretical Science.

August 2022: Climate Up Close toured Central New Jersey, with public events at the Somerset County Environmental Education Center and Princeton Friends Meeting.

June 2022: Presented “The Decade the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Faltered: Have disruptions provoked a crisis in QBO science?” at 23rd Conference on Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics in Breckenridge, CO, USA. Recording from AMS | Recording on Youtube

March 2022: Climate Up Close presented to the Good Food Institute, a non-profit working to accelerate the alternative protein industry.

March 2022: Presented my Ph.D. work on “The Unified Internal Dynamics and Global Interactions of the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation” to my new colleagues at the NYU Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science.

February 2022: Co-presented a climate outreach talk “Setting climate activism in a broader context of environmental and social action” at Chisuk Emuna Congregation in Harrisburg, PA along with Ben Schaffer and Emma Ignaszewski.

January 2022: Presented an invited talk on “The Buffer Zone of the QBO: Theory of Formation and Future Projections” at the 21st Conference on the Middle Atmosphere at the 2022 AMS Annual Meeting.

January 2022: Our climate science communication tour with Climate Up Close in Florida’s Forgotten Coast reached hundreds of folks in Port St. Joe, Eastpoint, Tallahassee, Wakulla Springs, and Apalachicola. Local news coverage

December 2021: Began my NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship in Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences working with Ed Gerber at NYU.

December 2021: The final paper from my Ph.D. work with Stephan Fueglistaler is out in Journal of Climate: "Large Internal Variability Dominates over Global Warming Signal in Observed Lower Stratospheric QBO Amplitude". Link

November 2021: I created this new website. Thanks to Henri Drake for providing a tutorial to our department.